Release Date: 2.2.14

DECEMBER: theoretically explores morality versus immortally and the notion; “Are the scales of justice really equal.”

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Psychological Thriller!

BEARING LIFE is a thrill ride of emotions, trapped in an enigma of guilt, regret, deceit, and finally REDEMPTION. It follows a month in the day and life of a young woman suffering from postpartum depression and her chance meeting with a seductive/ attractive man.

  • Fantasy 80%
  • Psychological Thriller 100%
  • Sex 70%
  • Passion 70%
  • Action 90%
  • Redemption 80%

Cast & Crew

Javan J. Cornelius (Cinematographer), Cornell Watts (Assistant Camera Operator), Philip Hall (Grip)
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I work with a lot of great professionals. Close partnerships with really cool companies allow me to produce world-class work.

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Who is Joneia?

I work with small and large movie producers to provide creative writing, story ideas and direction. If you have the budget, but are lacking the ideas for your commercial, sitcom, short film, or feature film; I can help.

Happiness lies within the reach of those that reach beyond themselves.

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